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                公布工夫 公布工夫:2020-08-03 16:32:37



                第一场直播工夫:2020年7月31日 7:00-11:00

                第二场直播工夫:2020年8月6日  19:00-23:00











                这次国际站直播,让外洋客户进一步理解了安徽快3走势图电气的文明与态度,也为我们带来了可观的询盘数目。此中GC610便携式气体检测仪、QB2000N 气体探测器及QB2000气体报警控制器、HD8200家用燃气报警器及电磁阀、SD301烟雾报警器等各系列产物,惹起了网友的热切存眷,征询及互动数目不时下跌!








                20% off! The first international live show of Henan Chicheng Electric has started!

                The live show schedule on Alibaba:

                1st live show: 7:00~11:00am 31st July, 2020

                2nd live show: 19:00~23:00 6th August, 2020

                (Note: The live Streaming Time Above Are Subject To Beijing Time.)

                20% off for orders during the show

                Affected by COVID-19, the international exhibitions on site have totally stalled. Under such circumstances, the boom of online exhibitions and live show became more popular on international trades. During 7:00-11:00 a.m. on July 31, 2020, Beijing time, Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd held her first live show on Alibaba!

                The international sales team of Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd  held this first show in English. The live show took 4 hours totally, and our team communicated with customers who participated online and placed an order enjoyed a 20% discount! With the efforts of all members, this live show has achieved more than 8,000 likes and nearly 1,000 online visitors!

                In this show,Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd mainly showed overseas customers the factory, the production lines and processing in the workshop, and the series of products such as portable gas detectors, online gas detection systems and other products, home gas alarms and other products and smoke detectors,etc. The hosts gave a detailed introduction on the application, the performance and the technical parameters and answered questions in time.

                Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd established in 2004 and its stock number is 834407, which has two production site: one in Zhengzhou and the other in Chang’Ge, covering about 6000 square meters. With 16 years development, Henan Chicheng Electric Co., Ltd offers gas detection devices, gas safe analyzers and the whole system, solution and IOT, etc.The sales in the oversea markets covers more and more countries, such as Middle East, Africa, European countries and East-south Asia, almost 78 countries, Henan Chicheng Electric Co.Ltd became a global supplier.

                The hard work of the international sale team got the show succeeded. They prepared the live broadcast equipment, and they have mastered live broadcast skills, familiar with the performance of the devices. With the full preparation from the team, they cooperated with each other, 20% off promotion and the interesting lucky draw pushed the live show atmosphere to a climax!

                This international live show gave the oversea customers a further understanding of our culture and attitude, which also brought us a considerable number of inquiries.  Among them, the portable gas detector--GC610 fixed gas detector--, QB2000N and gas alarm controller QB2000, Home gas alarm HD8200 and solenoid valve, SD301 smoke alarm and such series of products have attracted the eager attention of visitors, and the number of consultations and interactions kept creasing!

                The live show will bring new chances, confidence and exercised the international sale team, which will get more attracts to customers. The live show is more intuitive and communication in a timely manner. Henan Chicheng Electric Company’s full-view show will also make overseas customers more assured and trustworthy.

                Congratulations on the success of the first show and looking forwarding to the next show.

                The audience who missed this live streaming do not have to regret, you can scan the QR code below or click "Read the original text" at the end of the article to view the replay.

                The second live show is upcoming. On 6th August, we have another show on the factory and other products, which can be reached by Alibaba and Facebook. Please click the following link to watch live video directly, or log in Taobao ID , Facebook ID, or Linkedin ID to join us and leave comments to get GIFT. please focus on us.


                Next show schedule: Beijing time 19:00~23:00pm 6th August 2020